Changez! (goodbye to my English readers)

Dear readers,

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately. It doesn’t show in terms of blog updates  though, haha!  When I started this blog I thought it would be fun to be part of the international sewing blogger community, so that’s the reason I blogged in English. However, I also wanted to build some credibility for the workshops I dreamed of teaching . And  that is why I also blogged in Dutch.

But during this past year of blogging I discovered that these two groups of people don’t just have a language difference, but more, they are a completely different audience.

On one hand there’s you, my blogging, sewing friends who are fully informed about new patterns, basic sewing techniques, sew alongs, challenges going on  etc. etc.  And on the other hand there are my Dutch followers who are all mostly new to sewing (or aren’t sewing at all), and definitely don’t know what I mean when I talk about Darling Ranges.  I’ve often struggled to find the right tone of voice for both of the audiences. It only just dawned on me why: I need two voices for two different audiences.

Alas, I don’t think  I have two voices. And I definitely don’t have evenings twice as long. That’s why  I decided to continue blogging in Dutch from now on.  Of course I would still love for you all to keep following me, or just pop in once in a while. I’ll provide a Google Translate button somewhere in the sidebar. However, the subjects will slowly change into beginner-friendly posts and local stuff. But all the new makes will still be blogged of course.

I don’t mean to get sentimental, but I do want to say goodbye to you properly (I’ll keep reading your blogs). And I also want to thank you all for your lovely  comments, good advice, funny notes and the wonderful warm community you sewers are. You are the best!

XOXO Rachel

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6 reacties op Changez! (goodbye to my English readers)

  1. Aline zegt:

    Hm, in welke categorie val ik dan, he? Actief in de internationale naaigemeenschap én Nederlands 😄


    • rachelinred zegt:

      Aah jij valt een beetje in beide 😉! ( daar zijn er nog wel meer van, het is wellicht minder zwart wit dan ik hier nu schets, maar je snapt het punt wel denk ik)


      • Aline zegt:

        Tuurlijk. Het bloggen moet wel leuk blijven, dus ik snap het prima. Succes, gelukkig kan ik Nederlands dus je gewoon blijven volgen 😎


  2. Wendy zegt:

    Joepie, ook al ben ik een internationale volger, ik behoor nog steeds tot de taaldoelgroep!!!


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  4. セレネ zegt:

    Ja, bloggen in meerdere talen kost inderdaad meer tijd! Ik merk ook aan mijn statistieken dat mensen uit Japan en Nederland op andere links klikken en andere weblogberichten interessant vinden. In mijn Japanse (en Engelse) stukjes leg ik soms ook dingen extra uit die ik in het Nederlands niet uitleg.


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